Scuttling 4 days old and a caring father

Let me provide you with some pictures of 10 scuttling puppies, at 4 days of age. Their coats started to turn ligther in color, and markings are becoming more obvious. All pups are developing just fine and surprisingly at pretty much the same speed. Some breeders weight them every day, however, I don’t want to take them away from their mom and siblings every day. That makes Moneypenny nervous and a puppy always feels most comfortable with his litter. I check on the pups once an hour, and make a list of which puppy is nursing at that moment. That way I can determine if each one of them is nursing enough.

Domino decided to be actively parenting, which is
a big surprise. He would clean the pups and keep
them warm whenever Moneypenny leaves the
whelping box.

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