The whelping

I was really hoping that Moneypenny would whelp before Friday morning, since my husband was scheduled to leave early Friday morning to a 10 weeks traning. See, my husband worked as a medic in NYC for several years. Helping to deliver puppies would be a piece of cake for him! Puppies are cute… once they are clean and dry 🙂 Whelping is a messy process and I honestly pictured my husband doing the work, while I take a bath and relax. However, Moneypenny went into labor Thursday night and entered the second stage on Friday night, at 11:21.
We had a really nice and spacious whelping box prepared. I even decided to make it more girly and paint some flowers on the wood! The heater was standing right next to the box, to keep the puppies warm and cozy during the first weeks of their your lifes. However, Moneypenny found a better spot.

 She decided to have her puppies in a corner in our walk-in closet. I tried to convince her that the box we prepared is much better, but eventually gave up and quickly folded up a 28x28x12 shipping box a few hours before she started to push. For now I will let them stay in the closet, but move them to the whelping box as soon as Moneypenny feels comfortable with it. Thank god I have so many of those shipping boxes due to my business! Since I want the little family to have a clean environment, I replace the box daily, as well as I replace the cushion inside of the box with a fresh one once a day.

This boy is only a few minutes old.
Between 11:21 pm and 06:57 am, Moneypenny delivered ten healthy and strong puppies. They are all well developed and not even one gave us reason for concern. 

The first born girl on the left, and the first born boy on the right.
Number 4 (black and white)

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